Vintage and artistry photography by Constance Bannister (1913-2005)
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I am Lynda Bannister, daughter of the late Constance Bannister and owner of the Constance Bannister Collection. I have been thoughtfully rebranding the unique works of the Collection by digitally recreating my mother’s photographs to bring them back to life for today’s discerning collector.
If you were photographed by Constance Bannister, I would like to speak to you. I have your photos
and would love to gift you the prints. I want these sentimental treasures to find a good home.

I am launching The Bannister Vault on You might find your photo recreated. You can download the digital files and print them for your own applications. Check often as I am adding more every week. Also, check out Bannister Abstract in The Bannister Vault on I have taken my mother’s artwork and recreated it for your personal use.

Visit the Vault on

Constance Bannister